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 Bungie Weekly Update: 04/15/2011

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PostSubject: Bungie Weekly Update: 04/15/2011   Sun Apr 17, 2011 9:33 am

Bungie weekly updates:

Quote :
I’m going to take it easy today. Prop my feet up on the desk. Which is no small feat in and of itself, mind you. I have one of those standing workstations.

And why shouldn’t I allow myself one stinkin’ week where I’m not forced to hurl my sorry self in front of the masses to prance and prattle on like a nervous court jester afeard for his life? After all, didn’t you just enjoy an easier than usual Weekly Challenge that paid dividends well above and beyond its required level of investment?

Yes. Yes you did.

Even Jeremiah is snatching some personal time, spending his Friday afternoon doing God knows what – maybe lounging on the slate grey shores of Lake Washington, the cool water darkening the tufts of thick hair that plume out from the knuckles of his lily white toes. Cautionary tales of manscaping aside, I did inform our matchmaking fungineer that I had little to offer for his throng of fans this week, and begged him for even a single juicy morsel of news. He dismissed me with an abrupt wave of his hand, and made his symbolic gesture all the more real by heading out of the office without sharing even the smallest scrap of matchmaking information.

Another time. Today, we subsist together.
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Bungie Weekly Update: 04/15/2011
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